Friday, August 31, 2018

Ankara shoes for our Today Ladies.

It's Friday and we are so eager to share some eye snappy Ankara beat that you can shake this current weekend.It's not by any means all the glitz that issues in some cases however the solace. You can simply have some Ankara styles that are simple, comfortable and prepared for a functioning day; Ankara shoes are only one.

Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Men fashion

Afrofashion style fashion advicefitness tipscompetitions as well as men’s style guides & much more are proud to present you with the Manual: The men’s fashion blog where you’ll find all sorts of useful information. This isn’t just any fashion website either, we’re a dedicated Men’s lifestyle and Menswear blog aimed at giving you the best fashion tips for men and inspiration for looking good, effortlessly

Saturday, August 25, 2018

Kids fun wear

Male fashion designers are also creating and getting more inspiring. These designers are showing off their individual styles. From clean geometric designs, to more modern designs, to even more elaborate styles. Let’s have a look

Kids attire

In as much as we love to look good, let us endeavor to be good on the inside also. Slay mamas and aspiring fashionistas, remember confidence is the key.

Top Trend for men fashion world

Trust me, this one is in trend. As in, forrrrrrget. Although the senator style has gained much recognition in all parts of Nigeria, the native outfit originated from the South Eastern and Niger Delta regions of Nigeria.

What makes it unique is that despite being a native style, it is usually made with fabric materials meant for formal styles such as suits and jackets.

Nigerian fashion styles

Talking about Nigerian fashion styles for ladies, Ankara wears comes to mind. Ankara was not African-born even though it looks the opposite as we have colonized it (i see you o, oya please close your mouth).

Jill Chivers 2018

Fashion switches with season but style is influenced by how factors like moral upbringing, religion, association with others, weather, etc. has affected you. No wonder Yves Saint Laurent said “fashion fades, style is eternal”.
Jill Chivers says “fashion distracts, style connects”. The reason why fashion icons are who they are today is because of how they have created their own style from fashion and the funny thing is not all fashion designers are fashion icons but anybody can be a fashion icon

Style reborn

What is fashion and style? What is style? What is fashion? Are they the same? What’s the difference? Hm…Do sit back and read what this humble table shaker has got to say.

Nigerian traditional style

Fashion in Nigerian traditional styles is very popular among trendsetters. Let’s talk about the latest trends and styles in 2018 when it comes to native fashion. Anyone can choose an attire to their own taste. See the latest images. Be stylish and beautiful!